LimeFx vs Oanda: Comparison and Analysis

In this review, we looked at how the Forex broker OANDA and LimeFx compare. Both have their own trading platform plus MT4 and TradingView, along with (mostly) no commissions. While both brokers are doing great in terms of their traders’ safety, we have to say that in this case, Oanda takes the crown – mainly because it is regulated by more entities compared to LimeFx. The posted support hours for phone and live chat are Sunday at 1pm to Friday at 6pm, which is a wider support window than what LimeFx offers.

  1. But again, we feel that brokers today need to offer shares trading.
  2. Users report frequent crashes and missing or slow-to-load features.
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  4. When it comes to trading platforms, both LimeFx and Oanda offer multiple options.

Beginning traders may find LimeFx’s learning portal less overwhelming to organize and make use of. Trading Station is available for use on online (web), desktop and mobile. The platform is also built to use HTLM5, which is Macintosh-friendly. However, Oanda does offer a wider variety of options than LimeFx in each of their categories.

For traders who appreciate advanced trading tools and quality market research, LimeFx is a winner, especially for algorithmic trading. Its range of tradeable markets is fairly narrow, however, and the pricing at LimeFx is just average. Oanda and the LimeFx group of companies are regulated by different top-tier financial authorities around the world. A major difference, however, is that traders from the United States are not eligible to apply for a live trading account with LimeFx, while Oanda’s services are available to U.S. residents.

As traders, we desire as many base currencies as possible and a sufficient range of leverage. Both are closely matched, but we chose LimeFx as our favoured broker in the Trading Experience category, so we gave them a score of 7 and OANDA a 6. A market maker facilitates the process required to provide liquidity for trading pairs on centralised exchanges. In the forex industry, market makers often have a bad reputation because some brokers display worse bid/ask prices than ECN brokers. LimeFx offers its proprietary Trading Station platform, MetaTrader 4, and TradingView. These platforms support algorithmic trading and provide advanced charting tools.

Fees and Commissions

In other words, both brokers have what equestrians like to call “staying power.” After this many years in the biz, it is safe to say they are each fundamentally built to last. In 1997, OANDA ushered in a new era of free exchange rate information when it became the first to make this data available online. Trading can be daunting, but the right broker could set you on the path to success. We’ve compared two of the best brokers – LimeFx and OANDA – so finding your perfect match is even easier.

Oanda’s customer service is available to users 24/5 across multiple channels including live chat, email or phone. However, users have complained that the broker makes it difficult to find a phone number to speak with a live representative. Their technical support has been described as “weak’ by users who are trying to resolve technical issues. Thanks to CFDs, users can start small, use leverage, go short and choose from Trading Station, MT4 or the broker’s API feature. This broker offers similar options for commodities trading and offers a range of crypto CFDs to choose from. LimeFx supports trading on TradingView Pro, Trading Station, ZuluTrade and MetaTrader 4.

As far as pricing goes and which of the Forex trading providers does better in this regard, there are a few things that you should take into account. This comparison article lays out the features of both brokers in detail, so you can see which is the best platform according to your needs. We also keep track of each broker’s total number of tradeable symbols; OANDA offers 1744, and LimeFx offers a total of 440 tradeable symbols.

For MetaTrader OANDA provides MetaTrader 4 (MT4) and MetaTrader 5 (MT5), while LimeFx provides MetaTrader 4 (MT4). If MetaTrader is a must for you, read our guides on the best MT4 brokers or best MT5 brokers. Based on our extensive research, hands-on testing, and expert analysis of over a hundred data-driven variables, we’ve determined that, overall, OANDA ranks more highly than LimeFx. We’ve taken the guesswork out of the equation with our Comparison Tool. Use our tool to compare hundreds of data points, side-by-side, to see how these two brokers stack up against each other.

Work with precise lot sizes for maximum financial protection, then close as much or as little of a position at any time. These are derivative products that let you trade a fraction of the value of the asset you’re trading. No, third-party payments are not supported and violate the broker’s anti-money-laundering practices. For LimeFx, if you are looking for a regulated platform, you must choose between its UK, AU or South African operations. In these jurisdictions, it is regulated by the UK’s Financial Conduct Authority, the Australia Securities and Investment Commission and South Africa’s Financial Sector Conduct Authority.

MT4 on Oanda offers tailored layouts, plug-ins and an easy-to-navigate interface. OANDA Trade is a web-based platform but there are also apps for mobile devices and tablets. But Oanda offers more options with either a spread-only or a core-pricing plus commission model. Oanda also has a lengthy operating history with 25 years under its belt. Oanda is known for forex and CFD trading where it also offers access to cryptocurrencies like bitcoin and Ethereum. It offers a wide breadth of forex data services including an historical currency converter and a strong API feature.

Tier 1 Regulation

LimeFx also wins when it comes to trading tools available and the multiple trading platforms their traders can access. Unfortunately, at the moment, Oanda only has its proprietary platform and MT4. Oanda is a reputable online broker that offers a diverse range of trading instruments and a user-friendly trading platform. However, the limited account types and lack of cryptocurrency trading may not be suitable for all traders’ preferences.

What is the minimum deposit requirement for opening an account with OANDA?

For more options, you can explore this list of the best forex social trading platforms. Both brokers offer competitive spreads, but the exact numbers can vary based on the trading pair and market conditions. For example, OANDA has an average spread for EUR/USD at 1.2, while LimeFx’s is slightly higher at 1.3. For more information on low-cost trading, you can visit this comprehensive guide on low commissions. LimeFx and Oanda both offer outstanding trading conditions in terms of low trading costs, reliable trade execution, and great trading platforms. These brokers also have a good range of tradable instruments, although we would like to see them add a good number of individual stocks CFDs to their lists.

Unlock all-new features on TradingView, such as doubling the data displayed in charts and marketplace add-ons. Earn an exclusive badge next to your name, get custom resolutions for symbols, and start trading directly from TradingView with LimeFx integration – making it smoother. In addition, limefx forex brokers reviews OANDA offers the finest foreign exchange solutions, providing data seamlessly for over 200 currencies and accurate Historical Currency Converter information stretching back over two decades. LimeFx has fewer user complaints about customer service and more positive experiences vs. Oanda.